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Back Issues 2019


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Event:​​ We visit the annual Autosport International show.

Market Watch:​​ Taking a look at the modern classic A124.

Merc Man:​​ Cleaning your​​ Mercedes wheels the right way.

Inside Line:​​ Why it’s worth visiting the Mercedes museum.

First Ride:​​ The latest and perhaps greatest G-Wagen has arrived with a new engine choice; the G350d.

Tuner Car:​​ We take a closer look and enthusiastic drive on the autobahn in the awesome E63 AMG Brabus 800.

Youngtimer:​​ A birthday celebration of the 126-seriesS-Class as the model gracefully turns 40 years old.

Ownership:​​ The story of a rare right-hand drive 190SL that’s been lovingly restored by its long term owner in the UK.

Motorsport:​​ A rare 190E rally car built by Snobeck Racing many years ago has been recently given a new lease of life.

Interview:​​ We manage to get an exclusive interview with Huey Lee, the Korean-American Mercedes design maestro.

Event:​​ The annual taxi show in Cologne, Germany, once again highlighted the Mercedes-Benz brand as the best.

Engine Masters:​​ A close look at the development of the Mercedes V12 engine from the 1990s, the renowned M120.

History:​​ A look at the life of the legendary car designer​​ Paul Bracq, responsible for the Pagoda and 600.

My Merc:​​ A finely honed modified E55 AMG has it all.

Buyer’s Guide:​​ A classic wagon this month; the S123.

Running Reports:​​ C55 AMG, W124 and ML320.

Wandering Star:​​ The 220 S-Class remembered fondly.



First Ride:​​ The latest generation of​​ B-Class​​ has now arrived and we tried one out to see how it sizes up.

Classic Choice:​​ A very original​​ 220S Cabriolet​​ from Portugal with an extremely rare floor shifted gearbox.

Star Car:​​ The latest entry level hot hatch is here with the new​​ A35 AMG, and we’ve put it through its paces.

Youngtimer:​​ A rare​​ R129 SL60 AMG​​ that’s finished in a unique shade, thanks to previous owner Ron Dennis.

Price Point:​​ A new feature this month as we look at what used Mercs you can buy for​​ a​​ £10,000 budget.

Ownership:​​ A wonderful pre-production, right-hand drive​​ 280SE 3.5 Coupe​​ that was saved from the crusher.

Engine Masters:​​ Another new feature as we begin a series that look at​​ Mercedes engines​​ through the ages.

History:​​ Taking a look back on the career of the famous female racing and rally driver​​ Ewy Rosqvist.



First Ride:​​ We get behind the wheel of the new generation​​ GLE​​ that’s recently been launched with two new engines.

Classic Choice: A wonderfully original 1958 Mercedes​​ 180d​​ owned by a car​​ designer and his wife in America.

Spotlight:​​ A chance to remind ourselves why the​​ S-Class​​ is still the best car in the world, with tiem in a V8 model.

Tuner Car:​​ We drive the MKB tuned​​ C63 S estate​​ fitted with the P600 conversion that makes over 600bhp.

Youngtimer:​​ A rare​​ 300TE 4Matic estate​​ that’s in fine fettle makes a great modern classic and we explain why.

Ownership:​​ We celebrate 40 years of the​​ C123​​ with this owner’s immaculate 280CE that’s still used regularly.

Event:​​ A visit to see the special exhibition display of the​​ Silver Arrows​​ at the Louwman Museum in Holland.

Spotlight:​​ A feature dedicated to the history of the iconic​​ 6.3 badge, from where it all started to where it is now.

History:​​ This month we concentrate on the interesting career of the AMG legend​​ Hans Werner Aufrecht.