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Mercedes Enthusiast Issue 206 December 2018

Market Watch: This month it’s the turn of the R172 SLK.
Merc Man: Can older cars really be better than new?
Inside Line: A look at the evolution of performance.
Spotlight: All the latest on the exciting new hybrid C-, E- and S-Class models which have just been unveiled.
Tuner Car: An all round review of the hugely impressive Rennsport E63 S that makes 762bhp and 777lb ft of torque.
Spotlight: A fettled S124 with some period modifications creates a very different looking daily driver for this owner.
Classic Choice: It’s off to New Zealand to visit an owner with a perfect Pagoda, which has been lovingly restored.
Road Trip: A drive across the border to Wales to recall the awesome 450SEL 6.9 and its fantastic V8 engine.
Ownership: An unusual G-Wagen that’s been carefully fitted with a tweaked 320 CDI engine to produce extra grunt.
Motorsport: Looking back at the C107’s seemingly unlikely rallying success from 1978 to 1980.
Technology: We’re invited along to celebrate 40 years of Mercedes-Benz safety with some fascinating testing.
History: The story of Bé la Baré nyi and how he influenced the Mercedes-Benz brand and the whole car industry.
Event: We descend upon the annual Schloss Bensberg Supersports Classics in Germany for some Merc metal.
My Merc: A man from Hong Kong with a fine W123 230E.
Buyer’s Guide: What to know when buying an E55 AMG.
Running Reports: 190E Sportline, 280CE and CLK63 AMG.
Wandering Star: Experiencing the A45 AMG.

Mercedes Enthusiast Issue 205 November 2018

Market Watch: We take a look at the powerful C43 AMG
Merc Man: A look at consumer satisfaction with cars
Inside Line: Our man talks about in-car technology
Spotlight: It’s first strike to Mercedes with the EQC 400 4Matic launch that beat the rivals to the punch
Star Car: We get behind the wheel of AMG’s latest model, the spectacular GT4 that seemingly has it all
Star Project: A faithfully and faultlessly created replica of a C63 AMG Black Series that really looks the part
Classic Choice: The tale of a contributor, a 300SL Gullwing and a near disastrous driving experience
Take 2: An usual pairing as we match the new X-Class with the rare 1950s 170Da pick up from South Africa
Ownership: We meet one lucky reader with a pair of AMG models that he still puts to regular use
Motorsport : A rare 190E rally car built in the 1990s with some help behind the scenes from Mercedes-Benz
Event: A rare visit to the restricted design studio centre near the Mercedes HQ to find out more about the team
History: It’s the turn of British racing driver legend Dick Seaman in this month’s look at past Mercedes heros
Road Trip: A delightful drive along the River Rhine in a 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet makes for a great drive and photos
My Merc: A one owner R230 SL500
Buyer’s Guide: Analysing the third generation A-Class
Running Reports: C55 AMG estate, ML320 and E300 estate
Wandering Star: Driving on ice in a Mercedes 560SEC

Mercedes Enthusiast Issue 204 October 2018

Market Watch: It’s the turn of the first generation CLS
Merc Man: Our man talks about high mile Mercedes
Inside Line: Past models that could be brought back
Spotlight: We get behind the wheel to try out real luxury on wheels with the Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept car
Tuner: Putting out nearly 800bhp and over 700lb ft. of torque, the Brabus S63 is something of a super saloon
Profile: Hemmels is a restoration company that’s making waves all over the world with its famous builds
Youngertimer: This owner wanted a 500E estate, but Mercedes-Benz didn’t ever make one, so he did
Classic Choice: The rare W115 based La Pick-up model from Argentina isn’t well known but it is wonderfully retro
Take 2: With a new AMG SL on the way this year, we take a look at buying an older model
Ownership: We visit an enthusiast with an AMG SL63 and a R107 with just 2,100 miles on the clock since new
Motorsport: This 190SL is a faithful recreation and it’s got years of racing pedigree to back up the conversion
History: In this new monthly piece, our resident guru takes an in-depth look at a Mercedes-Benz hero
Event: We tag along on the annual W123 meet for a few days driving around western Germany
My Merc: A nicely restored and modified R107
Mercedes: Buyer Deals, tips, top three steals and more 88 Buyer’s Guide the CL203 CLC
Running Reports: 190E Sportline, 280SE and GLC220d
Wandering Star: S350 BlueTec.

Mercedes Enthusiast Issue 203 September 2018

Market Watch: This month, it’s the 140-series coupe.
Merc Man: A look at buying a Mercedes at auction.
Inside Line: Analysing recent Mercedes-Benz sales.
Event: We spent a couple of glorious days in the sun admiring motors at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
First Ride: The new C63 AMG we’ve been waiting for has proven itself to be every bit the power house and more.
Road Test: The new petrol version of the CLS is a mightily impressive all-rounder on UK roads.
Tuner Car: This is the AMG GT S on steroids and then some; highly modified to create a beast.
Youngtimer: This 1977 300D saloon is in its 40th year of unfaltering service for a grateful New Zealand family.
Classic Choice: One man’s vision to create a W113 280SL with epic V8 performance.
Take Two: We take a look at the market of two drophead Mercedes icons in the R107 and R129 300SL.
Ownership: We get the story of how one man achieved his dream of owning a C32 AMG in Canada.
Motorsport: From all angles it looks utterly crazy, but then this 560 SEC was built for the Paris-Dakar Rally.
Spotlight: David Sutherland takes us through his journey up to Scotland in a petrol C-Class convertible.
My Merc: A tuned E63 AMG making 700bhp.
Buyer’s Guide: R230 SL500.
Running Reports: R129 SLs, W123 and C55 AMG Estate.

Mercedes Enthusiast Issue 202 August 2018

Market Watch: A look at 190E 16-valves for sale.
Merc Man: Using your classic Mercedes.
Road Test: The new A-Class has arrived in the UK so we took the chance to get behind the wheel.
Star Car: The facelifted C-Class sees nearly 6,500 new changes to the model.
Technology: The long-awaited hydrogen fuel cell technology appears to be coming of age.
Youngtimers: A rare manual transmission coupe and saloon pairing represents two engaging entry points.
Profile: We take a visit to see Sidney Vallon and look around his famous restoration company Palm Beach Classics.
Classic Choice: We unearth the deep history surrounding a 600 SWB originally owned by George Harrison.
Youngtimer: This mint condition, low mileage 190E Evo II provides a good chance to look back on an icon.
Ownership: A taxi ride in Dublin uncovers an E270 that has been loved by its owner for nigh on 300,000 miles.
Event: With social media becoming the easiest way to interact, we attended an AMG social meet.
My Merc: An E-Class converted pick-up.
Buyer’s Guide: 211-series E270 CDI.
Running Reports: GLC220d, 190E Sportline and 280CE.

Mercedes Enthusiast Issue 201 July 2018

Market Watch: Current values of first generation SLKs.
Merc Man: Sourcing parts for older Mercedes.
Inside Line: The evolution of the motor industry.
First Ride: The EQC is the first car from Merc’s new electric brand and we’ve experienced a near production version.
Star Car: Significant changes add a whole new layer of sophistication to the next generation G-Class.
Classic Choice: Unbelievably, this 190SL was the second ever made and was found in a garage in the United States.
Spotlight: We celebrate the best of the 55 AMG badged Mercedes with help from a supercharged SL and an SLK.
Interview: Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers talks to us about his home life and managing the performance brand.
Then & Now: Five decades after the 300SEL 6.3 was launched, we take a beautiful example for a back road blast.
Ownership: This 123 connoisseur saw a specialist’s AMG 6.8 Rote Sau tribute saloon and just had to buy it.
Tuner Car: We experience Väth’s 671bhp C63 Estate and walk around its impressive classic restoration facility.
Youngtimer: Read about the life of this well-kept 450SL which looks a million dollars in glorious bright sunshine.
My Merc 300SL-24: a dream drive for one photographer.
Buyer’s Guide: 204-series C180 Kompressor.
Running Reports: C55 AMG Estate, E320 Estate/E350 4Matic Estate/560SEL and E300 Diesel Estate/CLK280 Cabriolet.

Mercedes Enthusiast Issue 200 June 2018

News: A-Class saloon unveiled, Brabus founder passes away and a win for Mercedes in F1.
Event: Stars of the New York International Auto Show.
Market Watch: 126-series saloon values are rising.
Merc Man: MOT test changes.
Inside Line: Maybach’s SUV.
Star Car: The new, fourth generation A-Class takes the class crown – for now.
The History Of Mercedes-Benz:
Pre-War: Sowing the seeds of the greatest car manufacturer in the world.
1950s: Mercedes-Benz rebuilds itself from rubble after WW2.
1960s: Classic designs meet advances in engine technology at M-B.
1970s: Diesel power proves its worth and safety takes a front seat.
1980s: The genius of designer Bruno Sacco comes to the fore.
1990s: Daimler strikes partnerships in the USA and on German soil.
2000s: AMG powers into the spotlight as Merc’s reputation recovers.
2010-on: What it takes to become the top selling premium car maker.
Event: All the stars at this year’s amazing Techno Classica show in Essen.
My Mercs: 250SL, 380SL and SL500 under one roof.
Buyer’s Guide: W201 190E 2.0.
Running Reports: 190E 2.0 Sportline, CLK63 AMG Coupe/GLC220d and 280SE.

Mercedes Enthusiast Issue 199 May 2018

Event: AMG’s new four-door GT Coupe stars in Geneva.
Market Watch: 211-series E-Class AMGs.
Merc Man: What does six grand buy these days?
Inside Line: Stars of the silver screen.
Take Two: The S123 was officially M-B’s first production estate, and the succeeding S124 cemented their appeal.
Road Test Special: We set the ultimate test for an R107 560SL in the form of a 3,300-mile European road trip.
Tuner Car: More power and torque, plus subtle styling upgrades for Lorinser’s E43 based L50 saloon.
Spotlight: Not only does this 280CE feature Air Ride suspension, it boasts a modern turbodiesel engine too.
Technology: A look back at the development of Mercedes-Benz’s airbag systems, which debuted in the 126 S-Class.
Road Test: Our first drive of the much anticipated X250d 4Matic on UK roads – so how does the premium pickup fare?
Classic Choice: Ordered new in the UK, this W111 220SEb Cabriolet was soon shipped to Canada then New Zealand.
Profile: We have Wilhelm Maybach to thank for the development of motor engines and so much more besides.
Motorsport: Not your usual W202 C-Class, this drift car features a turbocharged Mercedes V12 motor from an S600.
My Merc: 500SE bought by a fledgling banker.
Buyer’s Guide: 450SEL 6.9.
Running Reports: C55 AMG Estate, E320 Estate/E350 4Matic Estate/560SEL and CLK280 Cabriolet/E300 Diesel Estate.

Mercedes Enthusiast Issue 198 April 2018

News Extra: New A-Class under the microscope.
Market Watch: Fancy a 123 Estate? Then step this way...
Merc Man: The auto industry’s problem with plastic.
Star Car: Fresh from its international launch, read our full verdict on the new CLS driven in diesel and AMG forms.
Tuner Car: Six-cylinder 190E 2.6 with performance modifications by AMG takes the fight to the Cosworths.
Classic Choice: Reportedly the most expensive car in the world in 1967, this W100 600 sports a full length glass roof.
Youngtimer: Inspired by AMG’s rare 123-series 500CE, this ‘560E’ saloon features the V8 and gearbox from a 560SEC.
Road Test: Our views on the facelifted S350d with an efficient and silky smooth, straight-six turbodiesel engine.
Ownership: Reed Hitchcock bought this 126-series 560SEL for a song and then proceeded to take the car on a road trip.
Profile: Larger than life team manager Alfred Neubauer ran Mercedes’ racing exploits in the 1930s and 1950s.
Motorsport: The 2018 Daytona 24-hour attracted many big names, some of which were driving Mercedes-AMG GT3s.
Pre-War: Fitted with a 7.3-litre aircraft engine, the 1923 Targa Florio Roadster is not your average Mercedes cruiser.
My Merc: 220S Cabriolet steals the hearts of father and son.
Buyer’s Guide: SLR McLaren under the microscope.
Running Reports: The progress of our 190E 2.0 Sportline, GLC220d/CLK63 AMG Coupe, 280SE reviewed.

Mercedes Enthusiast Issue 197 March 2018

Event: North American International Auto Show.
Market Watch: Our expert surveys the G-Wagen landscape.
Merc Man: Service histories are going digital.
Inside Line: The evolution of the A-Class.
First Ride: We follow Mercedes engineers to Sweden for a passenger ride in the new W177 A-Class – debuting soon.
Best Investments: Six reasonably priced Mercedes that could make a return on your investment in the future.
Road Test: With 604bhp, a large boot and four-wheel drive, the new AMG E63 S Estate could be all things to all families.
Classic Choice: We go for a cruise in Madonna’s former W111 280SE Cabriolet – now offered for sale in Germany.
Motorsport: This highly original 220Sb Fintail competed in the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally, plus other events in the 60s.
Profile: Few will have heard of Walter Schock but his many achievements driving Mercedes deserve recognition.
Used Road Test: The 221 S-Class was considered by many as the best car in the world, and now it’s cheap to buy used.
Spotlight: Equipped with a Brabus K1 engine upgrade, this R170 SLK230 Kompressor packs a substantial punch.
My Merc: W163 ML430 makes the perfect tow vehicle.
Buyer’s Guide: R107 500SL.
Running Reports: C55 AMG Estate, E320 Estate/E350 4Matic Estate/E350 Bluetec, CLK280 Cabriolet/SL320.

Mercedes Enthusiast Issue 196 February 2018

Market Watch: Get the low-down on the 450SEL 6.9.
Merc Man: Mercedes and EU emissions ratings.
Inside Line: The ups and downs of the Mercedes SL genre.
First Drives: E350d All-Terrain and SLC180 Roadster tested.
Classic Choice: With a manual transmission, sunroof and 60,000 miles, this W108 280SE is a rare find in New Zealand.
Star Cars:New engines and new looks for the revised S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet line up – on sale now.
Take Two: Just 100 Coupe and 80 Cabriolet versions of the 574bhp CLK DTM AMG were made – we compare one of each.
Road Test: Fully restored and upgraded, the V8 powered 500SL SportLine is SL Shop’s take on a classic sports star.
Spotlight: We talk to Welsh singing sensation Bonnie Tyler about her old W123 saloon which she bought in 1977.
First Ride: Our verdict on the new G-Class from the passenger seat before the car’s debut at Detroit in January.
Motorsport Interview: Adam Christodoulou races for Mercedes-AMG and drives his grandad’s old 300SEL 6.3.
Ownership: Bought for just over £1,000, this 2001 C270 CDI Estate served a Mercedes Enthusiast contributor very well.
My Merc: R230 SL65 AMG built for McLaren’s Ron Dennis.
Mercedes Buyer: Deals, tips, top three steals and more.
Buyer’s Guide: W212 E200 CDI/220 CDI/250 CDI.
Running Reports: 190E 2.0 Sportline, CLK63 AMG Coupe/GLC250d, W108 280SE.

Mercedes Enthusiast Issue 195 January 2018

Event: All the gossip from the Los Angeles Auto Show.
Market Watch: Our expert considers the W124 500E/E500.
Merc Man: Why abolishing MOT tests for classics is wrong.
Inside Line: Pushing the Mercedes brand to its limits.
First Drive: The X-Class is Merc’s first premium pickup.
Classic Choice: Once owned by Jack Nicholson, this W100 600 starred in a film and now resides in a museum.
Star Car: Read our verdict on the new AMG GLC63, and get your first look at the next generation G-Class interior.
Youngtimer: Love them or hate them, the 140-series S-Class Coupes now represent seriously good value.
Tuner: Looking back on four decades of Mercedes-Benz tuner Brabus, founded in 1977 by Bodo Buschmann.
Spotlight: Ultra rare in right-hand drive, this great condition 230S Universal was built by IMA in Belgium.
Profile: We go behind the scenes at All Time Stars – a high end sales operation run by Mercedes-Benz Classic.
Road test: Special Four days and over 1,000 miles in Scotland with the fantastic new Mercedes-AMG GT R.
Motorsport: AMG sets its sights on a fast growing racing category with its new 500bhp GT4 – and we’ve driven it!
My Merc: R170 SLK200 Kompressor.
Mercedes Buyer: Deals, tips, top three steals and more.
Buyer’s Guide: CLS320 CDI.
Running Reports: C55 AMG Estate, E320 Estate/E350 4Matic Estate/E350 Bluetec, E300 Diesel Estate/CLK280 Cabriolet.